Give your business AI superpowers

AI workflows for your business

Empower your team with tailored workflows that automate the busy work, enabling your team to dedicate their time and skills to the more human, creative aspects of their jobs.

Go beyond copying and pasting basic prompts...

Spark new ideas, repurpose existing content, and deliver branded results faster!

Use our advanced prompts to generate ideas, create custom workflows, and get more consistent results for your business from AI today.

Flexible Inputs.
Spark with links or add content. Customize the inputs for each prompt you create your team.
Multiple Outputs.
Generate multple responses to a single spark, choose the best reply, and run with it.
Use your brand voice.
Make each spark your own by defining a brand voice persona that speaks your language.
Browse Tasks

Create workflows with multiple sparks

Get social media posts from content feeds generated automatically.

The AI is good at this. It can generate hundreds of ideas in a short amount of time. Content spark helps you pick the best and work smarter with AI to achieve your marketing goals.

Step 1: Add your feed(s)

Connect your blogs to content spark or use individual post links.

Step 2: Sparky Suggests Posts

You get suggestions based on key takeaways designed to promote the content.

Step 3: Approve and Post

An exclusive moderation workflow makes it fast to use the best ideas from AI.

Use AI to extract highlights
This is what AI is good at. Summarizing and extracting highlights from longer content.
Fast content moderation
There's going to be more good ideas than you want to post. Get the best from Sparky and toss the rest.
Don't forget the #hashtags
Sparky speaks #hashtag and will ensure your posts get properly catagorized.
Supports Buffer, Facebook, and Twitter
Queue up posts in Buffer or post directly to Facebook or Twitter. More options coming soon!

Post faster & smarter with Sparky

From hours to minutes with more engagement!

“I went from spending hours per week extracting highlights from the KickoffLabs blog and podcast to 20 minutes with Content Spark… and engagement went up!”

Josh Ledgard - Founder